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Week of May 9th:

When traveling always make three copies of your current passport. Put one copy in your suitcase, keep one copy in your carry on luggage and give one to your mom or dad or other family member.

This will ensure that you will get a passport faster from the US Embassy if your passport is lost or stolen while traveling abroad.

You can just take the copy of your passport and give it to the Embassy so they issue you a new passport.

Week of May 15th:

To secure your money and passport while traveling wear a pouch around your neck. This way it is hidden from potential pick pockets and they can’t cut it off of you so as easily as a fanny pack.

It has several compartments which makes it easy to carry local currency, your passport and a wallet plus receipts or whatever else you would like to keep.

You can get one of these neck holders at your local travel store or through Amazon.com or Innovation Luggage.

Week of August 8th:

When traveling always write down your full itinerary of where you are going so that if for any reason you get lost you know where to tell a cab driver where to take you.

It is also good to give a copy of it to your family and friends.

I always email it to my parents before I leave so if they need to reach me for any reason they can.

Week of September 12:

When traveling like so many people I am trying to watch what I spend.

I use great sites like Expedia.com, Kayak.com, Orbitz.com and Bookingbuddy.com to find the best deals.

Another great site is Cheaptickets.com

These are all reputable sites where you really can find great deals, vacation packages and more.

If you subscribe to their sites you will be alerted of their weekly and sometimes daily sales.


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